"...I thought only strippers were D's"
-- Oprah Winfrey on Oprah's Bra and Jean Intervention show

Inspired by Oprah's recent Bra Revolution, I decided to write about my experiences as a 40DDD trying to find the right bra. I thought I was like the only one who couldn't go in to my local Mervyn's or Kohls, or even Macy's without being able to find a bra that was remotely in my size, let alone one that was sexy or even gave me the support that us well-endowed women need. I created this website as a resource to women trying to find plus size or large cup bras.
Why a good bra is so important

I don't think it was until last year that I wore a bra that truly fit and supported me properly. Yes, I was one of the 80% of women that WAS wearing the wrong bra size. It is amazing what a properly fitting and properly supportive bra can do for the way your clothes look on you!

Not only can a properly fitted bra eliminate the saggy or "overflow" looks, but it can also change your shape of your breasts, improve your posture, or even make it look like you've lost some weight! The best thing that I noticed is the way it made my clothes look on me. I no longer had to hide under baggy clothes to cover up my "overflow", I could wear more fitted clothes, and tops that make me feel more self-confident.

Proper support is even more important for large breasted women who exercise or play sports. (Okay, that's all of us.) I know that I, for one, avoided running and high impact sports for the longest time because I hated the feeling of my breasts bouncing everywhere. Fortunately, the good people at Enell have invented the one bra that as Oprah said, "Once you get yourself hooked into this thing, believe me they're not going anywhere." Trust me, it's true, I own three Enell sports bras, and my breasts don't go anywhere when I run. (Enell even sells custom made sports bras if you don't fit into any of their "standard" sizes.)

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